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Rising Seas by Nicholas Bolock (paperback)

Rising Seas by Nicholas Bolock (paperback)

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An action Fantasy Novel of a three part story. This novel featuring "Respectable outcast" and Master Vanguard Vladimir is tasked by the King of Phoenixia to find his missing daughter. A simple task for anyone who could carry a weapon and follow a trail.For Vladimir however, it is no where near that simple. His path will have him dodging the power hungry Head of the Vanguard, Alistair Sinclair and the power mad King Amadeus V. They both want each others power and desire the world to bow at their feet.Even with several friends and allies that Vladimir finds along the way, he must be on guard. There is also a terrible power lurking within him. While searching for the princess and evading the coming war, he must control the dreadful darkness within him that threatens to take the world as its own. If he fails to control the Devil-Lord...The hope of humanity could very well drown under the rising seas.

As this novel is written by one of my own, you can even get a signed copy at one of our vending fairs or if you request via email with your purchase.

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